AtaXia (H)

In February 2004, at the close of Phase II and the six-month Arts and Science Research Fellowship Fellowship, Wayne McGregor went into an intensive rehearsal period with his company for a major new choreography titled AtaXia that would premiere in London 4-6 June 2004. This choreography was influenced creatively by the collaborative research period achieving the main artistic objective of the joint research project (PHASE II): to integrate the participation and contribution from the scientists into the fabric of the choreographic process.

The Research Fellowship scheme placed an emphasis on innovative collaborative research aiming to generate valuable results in both domains. It was not necessary (as an outcome) that the new choreography be about or illustrate the work of the scientists; and the evidence of the impact of the joint research on Wayne's creative process might be best articulated as follows: new sets of information, different terminology, ways of thinking about creativity and cognition, movement control and coordination and many other fresh reference points and insights (shared so generously by the collaborating scientists).

These would effect not only the creation of the new choreography - but also have long term implications for Wayne's dance making.

See Output of Research and Impact and Relevance sections in the REPORT for more references to discussions that drew connections between AtaXia and the contributions of the collaborating scientists and the joint research project.

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A review of the performance by Sanjoy Roy ("AtaXia". Contemporary. Issue 65. 2004, pp. 34-37) that also contains substantive detail about the research collaboration is available in the papers section of this site.

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Random Dance Photograph Random Dance Photograph Random Dance Photograph
Random Dance Company Members in press photos for AtaXia. Click on images for larger photograph. Photo Credit: Ravi Deepres
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